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Refund Policy And Overseas Avenue Info


Overseas Avenue is a complete online visa immigration solutions provider which is fastest growing and best immigration consultants in NEW DELHI, India. We provide Immigration Assistance to over 14 countries across the globe.

Refund Policy

Overseas Avenue provide full refund if our board of directors deems that we have provided incorrect information during our consultation process, which led to your  case being refused and a full refund is paid back to the client we are only liable to refund the fees paid to Overseas Avenue Immigration.

No Refund on Service fees, Embassy Fees, courier fees, shipping charges or any portion thereof will be refunded after the documents have been received and the application process has begun. No Refund shall be paid in case Visa Refusal after providing our assistance and services. Also no Refunds shall be paid in case of fraudulent documents, misleading or incorrect information being provided to us.

Overseas Avenue Immigration has a zero-tolerance policy for charge backs. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment that is found to be valid will be permanently blacklisted and barred from use of the service. Any past due fees and costs will be sent to collections. If our collection efforts fail, unpaid debts will be reported to all available Credit Reporting Agencies. The client understands and agrees that the total invoice amount (bill value) will include the Overseas Avenue Immigration consultation fee and the applicable tax.

However, the refund would be calculated only on the Overseas Avenue Immigration consultation fee. The tax component is non-refundable at any stage. The company is not responsible for any delay caused by third-party services such as Courier Services etc. based on external factors like these.

Also, clients cannot claim a refund of service charges. The client should also understand and accept that no refund or transfer of Overseas Avenue Immigration fee to a friend or a relative will be done in the event he or she abandons his/her application or decides to opt out due to any reason during the proceedings after he/she signs-up.

Overseas Avenue Immigration has the right to terminate/withdraw their services without refund of service fee if the applicant on below terms.

  • If the client does not submit all documents within the stipulated time from the date of his/her registration which is normally within one month.
  • Tries to malign the name of the company in whatsoever manner, which tampers the functioning of the business or reputation.
  • Doesn’t respond to the mails and calls made by the company for more than a month and backs out due to personal reasons.
  • Overseas Avenue Immigration reasonably forms the view that someone other than the Client is attempting to gain access to the Service for his or her personal benefit.
  • If your request for a refund falls under the acceptable terms and conditions of the Company and the service agreement, the time taken to process such a request would be 15-30 working days.
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