Malta Visitor Visa


Visitor Visa

Basic Requirements to visit Malta

  • Have a valid Passport and valid Malta Visa;
  • Be in good health;
  • Good moral character;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you have your family, property, assets, etc. that would serve as an incentive to come back to your home country;
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you will leave the country before your Malta visa expires;
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself in Malta and the amount depends on how long you will stay in Malta and whether you will be staying with family, friends or any paid accommodation.

Documents for Malta Visa:

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any;
  • Visa Application form;
  • 2 recent colour photographs (Photo Specification);
  • Aadhaar Card;
  • Personal Covering letter (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Company Letterhead);
  • Original updated Bank statement of last six months;
  • Income Tax Returns / Form 16 for last 3 years;
  • Confirmed return flight tickets;
  • Hotel reservation;
  • Day wise Itinerary;
  • Travel Insurance (minimum coverage of EUR 30000).

Kindly note: The Govt is very strict on the photograph requirement; please ensure that your photos are as per the specifications.

  • additional documents required to prove your purpose of visit (especially if you are travelling on a business Visa)

What to do when you arrive in Malta

  • Keep your Declaration form in hand (provided to you in the flight);
  • Keep all travel documents (passport, valid Malta Visa, return ticket, hotel bookings etc.) ready in case the immigration officer asks to produce any document;
  • If you are an unaccompanied minor, make sure you stay with the flight attendant who is in charge of your safety. Additionally, you must recognize the adult picking you up at the airport. If you have any doubts, you must inform the airline staff immediately.
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