Austria Jobseeker Visa


The Jobseeker Visa

The Jobseeker visa is issued to highly qualified non-EU citizens who are looking for a job in Austria, but do not have an offer. To be eligible for the Job seeker visa, applicants need to score a minimum of 70 points out of a maximum of 100 points based on the point’s criteria system which includes:

  • Graduation from an institution of higher education
  • Special qualifications and skills
  • Special qualifications and skills in the subjects mathematics, informatics, natural sciences or technology
  • Post-doctoral qualification or PhD
  • Research and innovation activities
  • Awards
  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Age

The Jobseeker Visa is valid for six months and allows its holder to stay in Austria and look for a job legally. The Jobseeker visa is not a work permit. Once the applicant has received a job offer, they are required to apply for a work permit, like a Red-White-Red Card, for example.

Requirement To Apply A Work Permit

To apply for a work visa, the applicant must have a valid job offer from an Austrian company. First-issued work visas are associated with a job and employer. If an applicant switches employer before the visa expires, they will have to submit a new application to link the new job to their visa.

To apply for a Work Visa, applicants must also provide the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Visa application form
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • Copy of birth certificate and Apostille
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Proof of accommodation in Austria
  • Proof of completion of a course at a university or other educational institution with a minimum duration of three years
  • Employer’s declaration

Applicants are also required to provide evidence for any claim made in the application, i.e.; degree certificates, tax statements, references, work experience, and proof of language skills.

The Red-White-Red Card

The Red-White-Red Card is high-skilled immigration programme called created by Austria. It allows highly skilled non-EU workers to apply for a job and obtain a work permit.

To qualify as a highly skilled worker, applicants must score more than 70 points. Points are given depending on professional qualifications, work experience, language ability and the salary levels of the applicant.

To apply for a Red-White-Red Card applicants must meet the general criteria of being a highly skilled worker (obtaining more than 70 points in the Red-White-Red system,) be a self-employed skilled worker, or a graduate of an Austrian university.

The Red-White-Red Card can be issued with a maximum validity of 24 months, after which time can be renewed, or be substituted for a Red-White-Red Card Plus, which will allow its holder to work for any company in Austria.

The following are the eligibility categories applicants may use to apply for a Red-White-Red Card:

  • Very Highly Qualified Workers
  • Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations
  • Other Key Workers
  • Graduates of Austrian Universities and Colleges of Higher Education
  • Self-employed Key Workers
  • Start-up Founders

Red-White-Red Card holders may sponsor their family members for a residence permit and a Red-White-Red Card.

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