Australia Permanent Resident


Permanent Resident

People can become a permanent resident of Australia in different ways. Three common ways of becoming a permanent resident are through gaining:

  • a family-stream permanent visa
  • a work-stream permanent visa
  • business or investor-stream permanent visa

Family-stream permanent residence visas

These are for:

  • partners, children, parents or dependent relatives of an Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia or Eligible New Zealand citizen
  • children being adopted or in the process of being adopted outside of Australia

carers who need to move to Australia to provide long-term care for an approved relative

  • Join my partner/spouse
  • Join other family member (brother, sister, grandparent, uncle or aunt)
  • Join my child/children
  • Care for a sick relative
  • Live with my parents (child visa)

Work-stream permanent residence visas

These are for workers who have an Australian employer sponsoring them to work in Australia, or have skills that Australia values

What kind of work will you do?

  • air or sea crew
  • attend or work at a special event/activity
  • business or investment
  • Represent a foreign Government, teach a foreign language or do domestic work (diplomat or consular)
  • participate in a research project
  • post-study work training and internship
  • skilled/highly specialised work
  • working holiday or seasonal work
  • youth, school or staff exchange program
  • work in a Pacific Labour Scheme specified industry

Business or investment-stream permanent residence visas

What type of business activity do you intend to do?

  • attend a conference, seminar or trade show
  • business investment activities
  • entrepreneurial activities (venture capital, investment)
  • general business/employment enquiries or negotiations
  • own or manage a business
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